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Article: Women in Tattoo Culture: How Sullen Clothing Encourages Expression – the Rise of Women in the Tattoo Culture

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Women in Tattoo Culture: How Sullen Clothing Encourages Expression – the Rise of Women in the Tattoo Culture

Historically seen as a form of expression only acceptable among men, women’s roles in tattoo culture initially remained limited to being muses and subjects of the art. Although these stereotypes were widespread in the Western world, women would soon come to make a massive impact on the industry and women’s tattoo culture as a whole.

Breaking Stereotypes: Women and Tattoos

Born in Kansas in 1877, Maud Steven Wagner would grow up to become the first female tattoo artist in America and break a slew of stereotypes along her journey. The growth of women’s roles in tattooing may have been slow at first, but soon female tattoo artists would be holding their own with ease in a previously male-dominated art.

Gone were the days when inked women were dismissed as rebels or outlaws; today, they stride confidently into studios, driven by their passion for artistry and an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

Women taking their place as leaders in the industry have gone beyond breaking gender stereotypes. It’s also changed our beauty standards. Today, the canvas that is the human body has become a testament to diversity, enriching the culture of tattooing beyond its previously male-dominated form.

Today, women everywhere are embracing the beauty and self-expression that comes with getting inked and, at Sullen, we are proud to support and engage in this growth.

Sullen Clothing: a Platform for Expression

The Sullen Clothing brand has become a trailblazer in both the fashion and tattoo industries. By merging the allure of expressive, meaningful tattoo art with the versatility of fashion, we’ve created a new range of clothing that is taking over streetwear for women. By creating tattoo clothing for women and working with new and established female tattoo artists, we’re proud to have created a style movement that champions female individuality and creative talent.

Each of our unique pieces has been designed alongside real tattoo artists, many of them women, for stylish tattoo lovers of all genders, creating a line of clothing that empowers and sets its wearers apart.

Women’s Collections at Sullen Clothing

Graphic tees for women

At Sullen, we’ve produced a wide range of tattoo-inspired clothing that resonates with the style, likes, and beliefs of the women who wear them. As our undisputed bestsellers, our graphic tees for women are easily our most creatively charged, expressive range. Featuring skull, floral, and cosmic designs, as well as the iconic Sullen Art Collective logo on comfortable, breathable fabric, our shirts can be styled in an infinite number of ways and worn for any occasion.

For those who prefer to show off their own ink while still repping a brand that aligns with their beliefs, we’ve created a collection of ultra-comfortable tank tops for women. Whether you’re layering your Sullen tank top under a flannel or jacket, or baring your arms and back to highlight your tattoos, this top is for you.

From hoodies to Sullen-branded underwear, we’ve created a line of stunning tattoo-inspired clothing women everywhere can be proud to wear. Browse our collection for more.

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