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Article: How to Choose the Perfect Sullen T-Shirt for Your Personal Style

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How to Choose the Perfect Sullen T-Shirt for Your Personal Style

One of the first things anyone notices about you will likely be your clothes. Your personal style and the way you dress can say a lot about who you are and what you believe in. Yet, often, finding your personal style and aligning it with who you are as a person can be tricky.

Luckily, one clothing item that stylists and individuals have turned to over and over again is the graphic tee. Simple, expressive, and easy to dress up and down, a graphic shirt is a great way to wear something that reflects your personality and still goes with almost everything in your closet.

The History and Evolution of Sullen Clothing

At Sullen, we’ve created a range of stand-out tattoo shirts that put your love for tattoos front and center. Whether you’re a classic traditional or nautical tattoo enthusiast or prefer hyperrealism or darker themes, we have a graphic tee that’s sure to resonate with who you are.

Sullen was created in Huntington Beach, California in 2001, by a group of friends dedicated to tattoo art. We’ve been producing tattoo-style clothing ever since, using real designs by real artists to champion the talent that goes into iconic tattoos.

Factors to Consider when Picking a Sullen T-Shirt

Graphic T-shirts

We pride ourselves on our diversity and accessibility, offering tattoo designs and shirts for every body and personality. Not sure which Sullen t-shirt is right for you? Here are a few things to consider:

Body Type & Fit

Get to know your body type and the t-shirt cuts that suit you best. From premium fit to standard fit, v-neck to crewneck, narrowing down the style of t-shirt you look best in can help you choose the perfect Sullen shirt for you.

Premium fit - Is for those who like shirts to have a tailored fit. It’s a side seam tee, meaning it is tailored around the midsection for a better overall look. Also we use a more expensive ringspun cotton so it is not only incredibly soft but also lays down nicely round the shoulders. The neck is a little thinner than our standard tee but still thicker than most premiums. We also make the premiums to compliment bigger guys going up to 5X.

Standard fit - We’ve run our standard fit tee since day one, using the same tee for over 20 years. It features a strong thick collar that keeps it’s shape and heavyweight combed cotton body. It’s a tubular blank which is very complimentary for bigger guys and these tees are also quite long. The colors are dyed in rich primary colors and shrink slightly the first time you wash it. Perfect for the guy that likes a little room in his tee but also a nice tight neck line.


Consider where you’ll be wearing your Sullen shirt and how you’ll be incorporating it into your outfit. For formal events, dark backgrounds and intriguing, bold graphics like our Get Bucked Premium Shirt can work well under a blazer or jacket. For more casual events, fun colors and more playful or edgy designs like Pineapple Paradise are a great choice.

Personal Style Aesthetic

Analyze your personal style for the perfect shirt choice. Do you lean more to minimalist looks, grunge, or street styles? This decision can make a big difference when choosing a tee.

  • Classic: Opt for clean, timeless designs. Monochrome and muted color palettes will suit you well, paired with subtle tattoo art designs like our Glitch Badge
  • Edgy/Rocker: Try out tees that feature darker, bolder, and more mysterious tattoos and edgier artwork like our Ink Slinger or No Pain
  • Minimalist: Like the classic aesthetic, minimalists will love our monochrome and clean premium tees featuring simple logos and designs like the Ever Castle Rock Premium
  • SoCal Surfer/Skater: Go for brighter colors and coastal, surf, or tropical-themed tattoo artwork like that of our Bait Premium

Color Palette

Have a favorite color or preferred color palette? Why not choose a Sullen tee that features the same colors in the tattoo artwork or background? Color palettes are a great, simple way to start narrowing down your personal style, and monochrome outfits in your favorite colors are a go-to method of putting together a great look.

Remain True to Yourself

Keeping track of every new fashion trend can be tempting if you’re interested in homing in on your personal style. Even though new trends can be a great source of inspiration, it’s essential to ensure your shirt choice aligns with your authentic personality and style.

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