Golden Panther Premium from $ 29.50
Hold Still Socks $ 15.00
Hold Still Standard from $ 25.99
Hold Still Pullover from $ 54.99
Blessa Tee $ 25.99
Beer Pressure Standard from $ 25.99
Rosa Charcoal Premium from $ 29.50
3 Eye Tiger Standard from $ 25.99
Ruca Tank $ 29.99
Wizaard Boxers $ 19.99
Prudente Standard from $ 20.00 $ 29.99
Farrar Mask $ 9.99
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The Sullen Art Collective has collaborated with a multitude of talented artists to bring to you their Artist Series Tees. This collection of tattoo inspired clothing portrays unique pieces of original artwork done in a variety of mediums including colored pencil, paint, screen printing, and more. Each tee is crafted to last using soft 100% cotton and feature a tagless design to prevent irritation. These tees are machine washable so you can easily wash out dirt, spills, and other day to day messes. Sullen’s Artist Series Tees are available in a variety of fitments including Standard Fit, Premium Fit, and Premium Slim Fit for maximum comfort regardless of your endeavors. Many t-shirts feature oversized images on the front, back, or both sides to show the artwork’s intricate details. Available in an array of colors and unique designs, these tattoo artist shirts are a bold way to show your passion for the tattoo culture.