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Article: Urban Explorer: How to Style Sullen’s Canvas Pants for a Winter Adventure

Men's canvas pants

Urban Explorer: How to Style Sullen’s Canvas Pants for a Winter Adventure

Make winter your next adventure with canvas pants from Sullen. Flexible, durable, and effortlessly stylish, our collection of canvas pants consists of unmissable winter essentials for men who want to stand out while staying comfortable.

Already have a pair of our stunning canvas pants? Or are you contemplating your next winter wardrobe addition? Either way, here are some of our favorite men’s winter styling tips to show off your personality, draw all the right attention, and bask in the warmth of bundling up this winter.

The Foundation of Winter Adventure – Sullen’s Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants

Sullen’s Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants

At the core of the urban explorer’s winter ensemble lies Sullen’s Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants. Crafted from premium materials, these pants strike the perfect balance between durability, comfort, and style.

The stretch fabric ensures flexibility, and the reinforced stitching adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring these pants can withstand the challenges of both the concrete jungle and the winter wilderness.

The Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants are not just utilitarian; they’re a style statement. The streamlined design and carefully curated color palette make them versatile enough to transition seamlessly from outdoor escapades to city ventures. Whether you’re scaling a snowy slope or navigating through bustling streets, these pants provide the perfect canvas for your winter adventures.

Layering Up with Sullen’s Gold-Blooded Flannel

No winter wardrobe is complete without the perfect layers, and Sullen’s Gold-Blooded Flannel emerges as the ideal companion to the Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants. This flannel doesn’t just add warmth; it introduces a touch of rustic charm to your look. The rich hues and intricate patterns of the Gold-Blooded Flannel create a harmonious contrast with the sleek design of the cargo pants.

Tuck in the flannel for a polished look or leave it untucked for a more relaxed vibe. Experiment with rolling up the sleeves to showcase the details of the flannel, adding an extra dimension to your winter style. The key is to strike a balance between rugged outdoor aesthetics and metropolitan flair.

Weatherproofing with Style – the Duck Canvas Hooded Jacket

Duck Canvas Hooded Jacket

As temperatures plummet, a reliable outer layer becomes essential. Sullen’s Duck Canvas Hooded Jacket offers both warmth and style. Made with water-resistant materials, this jacket ensures you stay dry and cozy during unexpected winter showers. The hood provides additional protection, making it the perfect choice for the urban explorer braving the elements.

The jacket seamlessly complements the Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants and Gold-Blooded Flannel, creating a cohesive winter look. It’s also a great addition if you opt for one of our graphic tees instead of a long-sleeved flannel, as it will keep you warm and protected from the elements regardless. Whether you’re exploring a snow-covered park or navigating through the city streets, the Duck Canvas Hooded Jacket is the epitome of practical men’s winter fashion.

Topping It Off – Choosing the Right Beanie

A well-chosen beanie is the crowning glory of any winter ensemble. Sullen offers a selection of beanies designed to complement your overall look. When selecting the right beanie, consider the color palette and style of your outfit.

Opt for a neutral beanie for a classic look or a bold color to make a statement. The key is to strike a balance that ties the entire ensemble together, creating a polished and cohesive appearance.

Footwear and Accessories – the Final Touches

Complete your urban explorer look with the right footwear and accessories. Sullen’s men’s canvas pants pair effortlessly with rugged boots, providing both style and functionality.

Consider accessories such as a sturdy belt and a watch to elevate your ensemble or pair them with one of our Sullen bags and sunglasses for an edgy, streetwear look.

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