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Article: Mastering the Art of Layering with Sullen’s Winter Streetwear

Sullen’s Winter Streetwear

Mastering the Art of Layering with Sullen’s Winter Streetwear

As the temperature drops and winter sets in, Sullen’s tattoo-inspired clothing makes the perfect medium with which to build functional and aesthetic streetwear layered outfits. Read on to explore all the layering possibilities with Sullen.

Building Your Base – the Graphic Tattoo-Inspired Tees

When it comes to winter layering for men, our range of graphic tattoo-inspired tees serves as the ideal foundation. From dark and mysterious graphics to bright colors that cut through the bleak weather, our tees bring art to your outfit in the best way possible.

Tips on Choosing Tees That Stand Out Under Layers

Layering clothes for men’s streetwear with our Sullen graphic tees is a great way to make any layered outfit your own. Not sure which tees will look best? Here are our top tips:

Bold Graphics

Opt for tees with striking graphics that peek out from under sweatshirts or open flannels, effortlessly attracting attention.

Color Pops

Infuse vibrancy into your ensemble by choosing tees with bright colors or unique patterns, especially when your outer layers lean toward a more subdued palette.

Adding Depth with Sweatshirts

Sullen’s graphic tattoo-inspired sweatshirts add an edgy touch to your winter wardrobe. Pair them with tees for a dynamic look that combines comfort with style.

Complementary Colors

Create visual harmony by pairing a graphic tee with a sweatshirt in a complementary color, making the graphics stand out.

Layering Lengths

Opt for slightly longer tees that extend past the hem of your sweatshirt, adding dimension to your overall look.

The Full Nelson Corduroy Shirt Jacket – a Versatile Layer

Full Nelson Corduroy Shirt Jacket

Nothing says winter warmer like a heavy corduroy button-up. Make this corduroy shirt jacket a winter closet staple and enjoy all the comfort and versatility that comes with it.

Complete with custom Sullen-branded buttons, this corduroy button-up provides a perfect blend of style and comfort for your wardrobe.

Our styling tips:

Casual Cool

Wear the Full Nelson open over a graphic tee and chinos for a laid-back vibe that exudes casual coolness.

Layered Warmth

Button it up over a slim-fit sweatshirt, collar popped, for added warmth and a style statement that stands out.

The Division “1Ton” Heavyweight Zip-Up Flannel – a Statement Piece

The Division “1Ton” Heavyweight Zip-Up Flannel

The Division “1Ton” Heavyweight Zip-Up Flannel, a statement piece in street men’s winter fashion, offers both warmth and a touch of rugged sophistication. It is meticulously crafted from ultra-heavy cotton fabric for durability and heat preservation. The subdued green hue makes it perfect for pairing with our premium solid-color tees.

Neutral Base

Start with a monochrome base layer, like a black or white tee, to let the flannel’s design and color take center stage.

Accessorize Minimally

Keep accessories simple to draw attention to the flannel’s bold design and color palette.

The Vintage and Bold – Ever Long and Badge of Honor Long Sleeves

Introducing the Ever Long Sleeve Vintage and Badge of Honor Long Sleeve—a dynamic duo of long-sleeve shirts that bring added warmth while refusing to compromise on style, design, and fit.

Contrasting Sleeves

Mix and match these long-sleeved tops with contrasting lengths for a dynamic and eye-catching look.

Texture Play

Combine different textures, such as a cotton tee under a corduroy shirt jacket, for a tactile experience that adds interest to your ensemble.

The Bottom Line – 925 Chino and Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants

925 Chino and Expedition Stretch Cargo Pants

Balancing patterns and colors is crucial to getting layering just right. Our 925 Chino and Expedition Stretch cargo pants are the perfect bottoms to complement a layered upper silhouette.

Caps and Beanies – the Final Touch

Complete your winter streetwear look with the right headwear. The Boh Beanie, Brick Snapback, and Badge Fitted Hat are ideal choices, and matching their colorways with your outfit ensures a cohesive aesthetic.

Layering Techniques and Tips

Contrasting Colors

Choose layers that contrast in color but complement each other. For instance, pair a bright mustard Ever Long Sleeve Vintage with a darker Expedition Stretch Cargo Pant to create a visually appealing contrast.

Mixing Textures

Combine different textures for depth. The softness of a graphic tattoo-inspired tee pairs well with the ruggedness of the Full Nelson Corduroy Shirt Jacket.

Weight Distribution

Start with lighter materials close to the body, like a tee, and add heavier pieces, like the Division “1Ton” Heavyweight Zip-Up Flannel, on top. This ensures warmth without bulkiness.

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