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The Coolest Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Tattooers

The Coolest Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Tattooers

Everyone knows that tattooing takes up a lot of time, and artists will rely on some background music to keep the work for dragging along. We've put together a list of different Portable Bluetooth Speakers available on Amazon, all with different prices, functions, and styles. Take a look at some of the coolest speakers artists can use while working on their next job.

Perfect for outdoors if you need, waterproof/dustproof. Sweet bass playback, and the battery lasts about 12 hours.

A true 360° environment. Clear microphone for talking & using voice commands.

Connect up to 3 devices at once, so you and your client can take turns busting jams. Durable rubber protection.

Slick design for any relaxing occasion, and works up to 33 ft. from your phone/device.

Multiple colors, 16 hour battery life, small, & convenient.

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