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Article: Moni Marino - Sullen Angel

Moni Marino - Sullen Angel
black & gray

Moni Marino - Sullen Angel

moni marino


A Tattoo Artist and Sullen Angel, Moni Marino started tattooing in 1993 and she specializes in Photorealistic Portraits, Chicano/Mexican style, mainly with Full Folor but also Black & Grey.

Moni is a part of the Sullen Family, and we're happy to have her with us. If you're interested in a tattoo from Moni, she can be found at Black Barock Art Palace in Essen, Germany. 

International tattoo artist Moni Marino.

pirate ship bottle

Mostly black & grey with a touch of color. One of Moni's most shared designs.


6 hour job, skull and rose, done on good skin. 

victorian man

Masquerade design done in black & grey.

air force pilot

Floral design in full color, done in London.

pirate ship

Full color portrait done at the Brussels Tattoo Convention.

... Who does she think she is?! It appears she is someone living her life unconcerned with who you think she is. 🤘

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