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Survey: 4 out of 10 U.S. Adults Have A Tattoo

Survey: 4 out of 10 U.S. Adults Have A Tattoo


Have you heard the big news? A recentStatista survey concluded that 4 in 10 American adults aged 18 to 69 have at least one tattoo on their body. Of the people inked, more people have multiple tattoos compared to those with only one tattoo. If you factor in the 19% of people considering to get at least one tattoo in their lifetime, then we may be looking at a new chart showing a majority of tattooed Americans in the future!

Those who plan to not get inked list two critical reasons: the fear of pain while being tattooed, and the fear that they would grow tired of their design as time goes on. Those who have got one say they did so because they wanted to express their style/opinion, or because their tattoo was related to family, a pretty good reason to have something that is permanent. 

4 out of 10 american adults have tattoos

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