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Ink Master's Peck & Nuñez Critique Celebrity Tattoos

Ink Master's Peck & Nuñez Critique Celebrity Tattoos


In one of this week's top trending videos, Oliver Peck & Chris Nuñez,  judges of SpikeTV's Ink Master, sat down with GQ to offer their thoughts on some of the biggest celebrities' major tattoo pieces. Peck & Nuñez did not pull any punches, critiquing the designs as if they were presented in an official Ink Master competition and noting that some of these stars probably paid good money to end up with mediocre results. Watch below and let us know what you think about some of these hits and misses. 

Adam Levine needs his MOM tattoo flipped the other way, because it is really a WOW.

This lion works great on a bigger canvas, unlike the one a few down. 

Justin Bieber's "garbage" tattoos that Oliver Peck thinks he paid a fortune for. 

Angelina Jolie tattoo done likely by a monk in Thailand. Nuñez gives her props for this. 

Can't Chris Brown get a more detailed artist?

Bad choice for a finger...this lion will smear and age quickly. 

Ed Sheeran's put together piece of colorful, kiddy art.

At least Jamie Foxx's scalp tattoo can be covered easily within a few weeks. 

Nick Cannon's clean skin rip tattoo.

Face tattoos should only be reserved for those with a full body suit. 

Kanji tattoos are good if you want to keep to yourself what the meaning really is. 

Lil Wayne's many tattoos, you think it gets them just to say he has a lot of tattoos?

Would Rihanna's hand tattoo be better as a henna rather than permanent?

Steve-O's portrait done by Jack Rudy, but did he really need to get it of himself?

Just a party tat. 

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