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Tattoo Inspired Art Apparel

At Sullen Clothing, we provide tattoo inspired art t-shirts that you won't find anywhere else. We also give customers the unique opportunity to get early access to our t-shirt releases through our subscription program. Whether you are looking for something skull-themed, python-themed, or another unique design, all of our shirts are unique takes on vintage, iconic tattoos. Read further below to learn about some of the artists who have created t-shirt designs for us over the years.

These t-shirts come from the Sullen Art Collective. Each artist that we work with creates a new meaning on an iconic, vintage tattoo, done in a wide variety of meanings including colored pencil, paint, and even screen printing. Those who participate in our t-shirt subscription get access to our t-shirts before everyone else for the next month. 

Frankie Mageno

Frankie Mageno has been in the business since 1997. This Magento Badge Standard was featured in the 2020 Sullen series and features a skull and reaper design.

Levi Murphy

This Never Surrender Standard, by Levi Murphy, is another neo-traditional artwork that was part of the Sullen Artist Series. This shirt features a combination of beautiful colors that tells a story of life and power.

Douglas Prudente

This Prudente Skull Standard features a piece by Douglas Prudente of Brazil. This wolf skull can be associated with a wide variety of meanings, including death, a spirit guide, and moving on through death and the afterlife.

Terry Riberra

Terry Riberra is a tattoo artist based out of San Diego and has been working at some of the best shops there since 2001. Getting his start through drawing at the age of four, Riberra has interests in Art Nouveau, Illustrative Tattoo wor, Biomechanical, Japanese, and Asian tattooing, which all can be seen in this Riberra Standard design.

Tattoo Artist Series T-Shirt Collection

These are just some of the t-shirts that have been featured over the past years as part of the Sullen Artist series. Please feel free to browse our t-shirts, as new shirts are released on a regular basis. These t-shirts give a unique perspective on vintage, iconic tattoo art designs.