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Tattoo Artist Shirt Series


A rising star in the industry, Luke Sayer is already becoming world renowned after just 4 years of tattoo artistry at the age of 23. Luke is a black and grey artist who emphasizes in realism and dot-work realism, with a keen eye on attention to detail. Luke is based at Samsara Custom Tattoo located in Kendal, United Kingdom, where he was mentored by the owner of Samsara, Tony Davis.

Luke’s work has gained viral attention online and has been featured in numerous magazines and art exhibits. Luke travels all around the world and attends all of the big tattooing conventions. Luke has won multiple awards, including Best Back Piece at Belfast Titanic, Best Realism at Telford Inkagogo, and Best Black and Grey at Cariad Ink. Currently, Luke can be seen on the competition television series E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year.

Sullen Art Collective is proud to partner up with Luke Sayer. Check out the Butterfly Bones Tank displaying Luke’s work.   

Luke currently lives in Penrith, United Kingdom, with his wife Bryany and his young son Jack.


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