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How to become a "Sullen Artist"

We get a lot of requests for how we choose what art gets picked for the line and how "your" art could be selected for our "Artist Series". First I want to say we are very grateful for everyone who would trust their art with us, and we do see a ton of great art, the sad reality is that we only have room for about 60 artist series tees for the entire year, with that said let's get to the nuts and bolts go getting your art on a Sullen tee...

1. First be honest with yourself, really critique your art and make sure that technically the art is executed at a high level, if it's a incomplete sketch or not your best work, then it's probably not ready for a tee either. Make sure the art is dialed, we respect very much the artists that came before you and try our best to set very high standards for a finished piece of art.

2. Study the designs currently on the site, the narratives tend to stay the same, tattoo driven icons and imagery will always be used so things like skulls, snakes, females, eagles, big cats, wolves, and the Sullen badge logo will almost aways get chosen over something that's way out of the really don't try to be too crazy with your art because we find that crazy art works on walls but most people don't want to wear images that are too offensive, sexual or violent....there's a fine line and we like to walk it...

3. Tag #SullenClothing (on Instagram) or email't be discouraged if we don't get back to you...we get a ton of art requests and it's impossible to get back to everyone although we do try...but putting your art in front of us is a great way to get discovered.

4. Submit your info to the form below and when we have a free minute we will go through your IG and if we see some art we think works for a future season we will most definately reach out to you. Keep in mind we design about a year out so be patient it will most likely be about a year before your art sees the website...however if multiple pieces are selected then there's the possiblity of a piece of art making it as in insert into a gap in seasons.

I hope this helps and motivates you to get your art on...I will say every successful tattooer I've seen who have become well known did it by doing a ton of art, constantly drawing and improving...the road to success is paved through your bust out that pencil and start sketching:) - Ryan Smith





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