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Blaq Paq


Through years of testing and understanding the needs of modern tattooers came the development of the Blaq Paq© Onyx, now 5 years later the bag's designs have been improved upon every year. The original Blaq Paq features a signature clam shell opening with compartments specifically developed to accommodate tattoo machines as well as tons of other pockets meant to house all the other items tattooers need to be mobile. More recently the Blaq Paq© Drone which is geared more towards traditional artists as well as tattooers with an emphasis on painting through our partnership with Trekkel Fine Artist Brushes creating a side pocket to accommodate 10-15 paint brushes, the bags machine pouches were moved to the sides to allow for a deeper main storage compartment. Both of these bags have a 1 year unconditional money back guarantee.  Keep an eye out for the newest bag called the Globe due out August 2017.


The original Blaq Paq developed in 2011 for traveling tattooers used to the convention circuit. Features a clam shell design which houses two modular plastic injected molded boxes, perfect for ink caps, inks, stencil prep, needles and tubes. The bag also features 4 independent machine pouches to keep your machines safe.

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The drone is the latest edition of the Blaq Paq line. What makes this bag unique is the machine pouches were moved to the sides of the bag allowing for a larger main storage pouch. Also we made the left side of the bag feature storage for paint brushes.