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Tommy Lee Wendtner - Tattoo Artist Shirt Series

Tommy Lee Wendtner - Tattoo Artist Shirt Series
tommy lee wendtner sullen art collective tattoo horror fantasy black and grey artist


One of the biggest names in horror art,Tommy Lee Wendtner is a tattoo artist who works in black & grey and realism, incorporating elements of anything relating to horror and fantasy. Tommy's art has all sorts of creatures in this genre, including demons, skulls, monsters, and famous fictional characters. 

Tommy can be found at Monsters Under Your Bed Tattoo Studio in Cologne, Germany.

tommy lee tattoo fetal skull black and grey

Black and grey fetal skull to match the customer's other gothic tattoos!

tommy lee face ear biomorph tattoo biomorphing

How do you scar a person for life? With a biomorph tattoo on his face!

tommy lee creepy doll tattoo black and grey

No reason to fear a creepy doll. It's just so lovable!

tommy lee tentacle skull tattoo black and grey

The tentacle skull lurks in the abyss of the sea.

tommy lee mime creepy doll tattoo tokyo

Silent but deadly, a creepy little mime doll. Done in Tokyo, Japan. 

tommy lee eye tattoo tokyo

Eye see you...this tattoo was done on the customer's knee, in Tokyo.

Sullen Art Collective is proud to partner with Tommy Lee to produce his own Premium tee. Check it out!

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