Nikko Hurtado Gives The Rock His Newest Arm Tattoo

It is a new beginning for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, as the actor decided it was time to change up one of his signature tattoos. His original bull piece, located on his right bicep, has been there since his early wrestling days, and he says now the time is right for a change since he has evolved in both his life and his career. Black Anchor Collective and Sullen Artist Nikko Hurtado did this stunning artwork. Feast your eyes on this beast below! 

Through this experience I've learned a lot. Everyone always sees what is on the outside what is shown of our lives no one truly knows behind the scenes. @therock is a true gentleman how I came to tattoo him I do not know. I am a truly blessed human. (Thank you Matt) the process of tattooing a client starts with a meeting always finding out what it is they want. Tattoos are markings on the body that are with you for ever. Imagine choosing a birthmark. The tattoo has to represent you, who you are and what you feel, your image and your personality. @therock and I spend time going back and fourth showing him different ideas, different horns different mana. I always want to do what I want to do but I always have to remind myself that when I tattoo a client it is for them and theirs to wear the rest of their lives. I am excited to tweak and build this tattoo a little further after it heals. When I complete a tattoo in one sitting it is never finished my clients all know this to well. I let the tattoo heal, live, age a little before I come back to it and layer it see what it needs to give it the sculpting or life it requires to be abandoned because we all know art is never finished it is simply abandoned. I am grateful I am blessed I have been given the new gift of knowing about "Mana" thank you world your are nothing short of amazing. Thank you @therock till next time same channel same page! It's your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist.

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These last two weeks have been nothing short of amazing. Some super highs and some lows. But all in all a balance of life. Opportunity comes and opportunity goes. New people come into your life and others go. I am so grateful for the life I get to lead. The path I get to make on my own terms and my own way. Tattooing @therock has been one of favorite things I've been able to do to date. It was less of a meeting of a celebrity but a meeting of minds. It was cool to be able to chill, vibe, and tattoo. Making art has always been my passion. This experience has changed me in very positive way. Today is 2 of my children's first day back to school and tomorrow my youngest very first day school. I feel more motivated and inspired to make some major life changes. I am ready to put my head back down and continue to work, and, work smarter. Thank you All of instagram for your support my followers who keep growing and continue to like and comment I see them all. All love all respect. Now enjoy this amazing photo I had the opportunity to take with the one and only Dwayne Johnson. So sick!!! " Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room." #therock #dwaynejohnson #itstimetogetmoreserious @blackanchorworldwide

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