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The Newest Trend - Armpit Tattoos

The Newest Trend - Armpit Tattoos


A new phenomenon has been circulating over Instagram lately: armpit tattoos. Although not out of the ordinary to have your chest or arm artwork stretch to the armpit, these tattoos are specifically placed with the armpit as the main canvas.

Try searching #armpittattoo in Instagram and you'll see over 7,000 results, and most of these designs are patterns or related to flowers. We've picked some out to scroll through:

Black & grey/horror eye armpit tattoo. 

Colorful floral armpit tattoo. 

Mandala symbol dotwork armpit tattoo. 

Biomech armpit tattoo. This one looks like it hurt!

Traditional floral arrangement armpit tattoo. 

Another colorful flower armpit tattoo. 

Black & grey Grim Reaper armpit tattoo.

Freehand spiderweb traditional armpit tattoo. 

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