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Article: The Art of Layering Tattoo-Inspired Streetwear with Sullen Clothing

Streetwear with sullen clothing
Men’s streetwear

The Art of Layering Tattoo-Inspired Streetwear with Sullen Clothing

The art of layering brought us some of the most popular styles of the past three decades. Skater, hippie, and even boho streetwear all incorporate some form of layering. It’s what gives outfits dimension and allows you to be endlessly creative even with just a few pieces of clothing.

But what about incorporating tattoo art in your layered outfits? Adding an edgy, tattoo twist to an already cool layered outfit takes your whole style game to the next level. That’s why we’ve compiled a complete guide to the best tips and tricks for layering like a pro with our Sullen tattoo-inspired pieces.

The Tattoo-Inspired Twist of Layering with Sullen

Graphic tees for men

As the name suggests, layering is achieved by gradually adding more pieces of clothing and streetwear accessories to your outfit until you achieve the perfect, balanced look. With Sullen, you don’t just have access to streetwear basics like solid tees and tank tops, you can also get your hands on some of the sickest tattoo-inspired pieces created by real tattoo artists.

Think skull or rose tattoo-inspired graphic tees for men under a denim or bomber jacket. Or a graphic tank under a button-down shirt for a laidback, effortlessly cool look.

With Sullen, the opportunities for boundary-pushing men's fashion layering are endless. And if you’re still not sure layering is for you, here are some of our top tips to help you put together a wicked men’s streetwear outfit using some of our favorite pieces.

Spring for a Lightweight Base

The key to layering is to add pieces to your outfit without looking or feeling bulky. One of the best ways to achieve this is by starting light. Choose a lightweight shirt and pants as your first layer.

For men’s summer layering start with one of our stunning Sullen tanks in bright colors like Beetroot Purple or Surf the Web. And if summer fashion colors aren’t your thing, you can still achieve a more neutral tattoo-inspired look by starting with one of our bestselling graphic shirts.

Combine one of these tops with one of our stretch chino pants for a darker, more put-together aesthetic, or one of our bold and fun tattoo art shorts for a full-on summer look, and you’re ready to take your outfit to the next level by adding your second layer.

Experiment With Overshirts

Street-style men’s fashion is all about individuality and self-expression. So once you’ve picked out a graphic tee or tank that embodies your personality, it’s time to add the next layer. One of our favorite layering combos has to be a graphic tank or tee under an open shirt or overshirt.

The contrast of heavy plaid flannel over a dark graphic shirt, or tropical woven button-down over a bright tank makes our collection of flannel and woven shirts ideal for elevating an otherwise simple look.

Incorporate Hoodies and Bombers

Looking to go a less obvious route with your layering? Why not tie a Sullen hoodie or sweatshirt around your waist or across your shoulders to add an extra layer without the extra bulk? This is a great choice for cooler summer evenings when you want a little more warmth and dimension, but don’t really want to wear a jacket or hoodie over your outfit.

For even colder days, pull on a dark, brooding bomber jacket to keep you warm and add an element of mystery and edge to your final look. The combination of styling graphic tees for men with an oversized jacket may be an old trend, but it’s still as cool as ever.

Accessorize Strategically

Our tattoo-inspired streetwear is all about self-expression and putting your personality out there with what you wear. That’s why we have a whole collection of awesome accessories to help you make every look your own.

Whether you wear one of our signature Sullen snapback hats and bright sunglasses with a summer look, or you’re a sucker for detail and opt to wear one of our graphic boxers and socks combinations, let your individuality shine. 

And if you still feel something’s missing, don’t overlook our collection of bags and backpacks that are bound to add that last little detail your outfit is missing.

No matter the season or your style, Sullen has a tattoo-inspired fit for you. Explore the world of Sullen and unleash your individuality with our complete collection of layering pieces.

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