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Article: Lightweight vs. Heavyweight Flannels: Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Fit

Heavy flannel shirt
Best flannel shirt

Lightweight vs. Heavyweight Flannels: Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Fit

Heavy flannel shirts

While fashion trends are changing faster than ever before, one staple has managed to remain current throughout the decades: the classic flannel shirt. Whether you opt for the old-school plaid pattern or go for a solid color flannel to modernize your look, there’s something timeless about a top that looks as good as it feels to wear.

That being said, flannels have evolved beyond the cookie-cutter heavyweight shirts your parents may have worn at your age. One of the biggest differences is in the feel and cut of light vs. heavy flannel shirts. Depending on the fabric used to craft these shirts, flannels can be a thick outer layer to keep you warm or a lightweight overshirt that brings dimension and complexity to your outfit.

Not sure which will suit your sense of style better? Read on.

Keep It Breezy (but Cozy) with a Lightweight Flannel Shirt

When you think of skater-aesthetic, old-school plaid flannels, you’re probably thinking of the lightweight version that’s often seen layered over crop tops, denim shorts, and white vests.

Lightweight flannel shirts for men and women are reminiscent of the fashion of the 1990s and 2000s—but, unlike low-rise jeans, they’re still trending 30 years later.

Lightweight flannel fabrics like the ones we use for our Sullen flannel shirts are often made with a cotton-polyester blend. Their relaxed fit and breathability make them the most versatile option for seasons where you may need a little extra warmth in the morning but want to be kept cool during the day.

Being a tattoo-centered brand, we know the struggle of keeping fresh ink out of the sun while still looking amazing and repping your body art. Luckily, our lightweight flannels tick all those boxes too. Their soft fabric and relaxed fit mean you don’t have to worry about the shirt irritating your skin while it’s healing.

The button-up front also gives you the freedom to cover up or expose as much skin as you like. Just so you don’t miss showing off your love for tattoos too much, our custom Sullen branded buttons, like those on our Stripe Flannel, are the perfect way to pay homage to tattoo art even when you’re covered up.

Stay Hot and Heavy with a Heavyweight Flannel Shirt

Sullen flannel shirts

Heavyweight flannels are the undisputed champion of every tattoo lover’s winter wardrobe. Warm, sturdy, and durable, they promise to keep the cold out while also keeping your outfit game on point.

At Sullen, our heavyweight flannels are made with a special cotton-polyester blend that is thicker, heavier, and denser than the fabric we use for our lightweight options. This makes these heavyweight flannels perfect for wearing on their own with long pants or using them in place of a jacket or coat.

Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, each of our Sullen heavyweight flannels features a relaxed fit that ensures you stay comfortable and flexible despite the weight of the shirt. The subtle Sullen branding like that on the Big Bear Flannel also keeps your love for tattoos front and center regardless of whether people can see your ink or not.

Switch Up Your Winter Style with a Flannel Jacket

Turn up the heat with a heavy-duty flannel jacket when the weather turns cold. The versatility of flannel means it can be combined with a long list of fabrics and materials designed to keep your body warm.

Our Smoke Reversible Flannel Jacket is the perfect example of this. Featuring a geometric line pattern in black and white on one side, and a more understated all-black fabric on the other, this jacket is almost guaranteed to go with everything in your closet, making it the perfect staple for colder days. With a thermal interior lining, you won’t have to bundle up quite as much to keep warm, either, so you can keep enjoying the freedom of movement and flexibility that comes with lighter layers, while still staying toasty.

A Sullen Flannel for Every Season

When it comes to choosing the best flannel shirt for you, it all depends on the look and level of warmth you’re going for. That’s why, at Sullen, we make both options available to our customers.

However, there are some other factors to consider when deciding which flannel option is right for you. Thanks to the fabric blend of heavyweight flannels, most need to be dry-cleaned and can be a little more time-consuming to maintain. Then again, opting for a lightweight option in winter will likely leave you cold and uncomfortable too.

Whether you choose a lightweight or heavyweight flannel shirt to better suit your lifestyle and fashion sense, Sullen is bound to have an option that can do it all, all while putting admiration and love for tattoo art at the forefront of every design.

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