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Josh Duffy - Tattoo Artist Shirt Series

Josh Duffy - Tattoo Artist Shirt Series


Born from a family full of artists, Josh Duffy is a tattooer from Peoria, Arizona. Josh gets his drive from his mother, who has paintings all over the world, one of which even made it to space in a 1994 Endeavor mission. Josh first started tattooing in 2004 at Modern Ink in Inglewood, California, where owner Mario Vasquez hired him after just a couple of days, giving him an open door to the world of tattooing. Josh prefers to do original artwork over replication, and tends to favor dark black and greys. Inspiring art to him include horror movies, plant life, people, nature, religion, culture, elements, and daily life.
Sullen is excited to have one of Josh Duffy's pieces on one of our signature artist tees. Josh can be found tattooing at Black Castle Art Co. in Peoria, Arizona.

Awesome side piece with incredible shaping. 

Top notch sleeve work with strong contrast for longevity. 

Truly astounding tattoo with great detail. 

This is a dope neck/shoulder piece. 

The use of negative space and body shapes to support the design is top notch!

Awesome flow, the highlights on the teeth are perfect. 

Men's tee featuring full color printed artwork from Sullen artist Edward Miller.

Women's scoop neck soft body tee with oversized full color artwork printed on front and back from Josh Duffy out of Black Castle Tattoo in Arizona. Bottom features a curved drop for unique fit.


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