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Article: How Sullen Clothing Is Redefining Urban Streetwear

How Sullen Clothing Is Redefining Urban Streetwear
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How Sullen Clothing Is Redefining Urban Streetwear

Urban streetwear is seeing a massive resurgence in popularity and demand, and with it comes a whole new variety of wardrobe pieces that focus on fun, self-expression, and showing off your individuality.

Streetwear has come a long way since its early days in the 1980s and 1990s, and Sullen is here to ensure tattoo-inspired clothing that blends and highlights everything unique about the art of urban apparel.

The Evolution of Urban Streetwear

Originally influenced by the hip-hop and skater culture of the 1980s and 1990s, early streetwear was characterized by baggy jeans and cargo pants, oversized shirts, sneakers, and plenty of eye-catching accessories.

Over time, celebrities and fashion icons would make the decade’s street style their own and give way to a whole new class of urban fashion.

Athleisure and high fashion quickly became a big part of modern streetwear, and the landscape has continued to change ever since. The only true constant in this rapidly changing world of fashion has undoubtedly been the appreciation of tattoo-inspired clothing, From graphic shirts to bold headwear, tattoo art is a mainstay of streetwear for its bold colors and edgy designs.

At Sullen, our unique tattoo artist-created streetwear and graphic tees are created to bring the fun, creativity, and individuality of tattoo-inspired men’s streetwear to you.

The Rise of Sullen Clothing

Originally founded as a collective of driven, talented tattoo artists, Sullen Clothing has its roots in the SoCal beach culture of the early 2000s. Already a well-established tattooer, co-owner Ryan Smith began blending tattoo art with new fashion trends, and from that Sullen’s urban streetwear brand was created.

Far from simply reusing “cool” graphics or following the trends, Sullen became a trailblazer producing unique, original art that it then transferred to streetwear like premium t-shirts, boxers, hoodies, and hats.

Today, Sullen is still one of the most popular tattoo apparel brands around, offering a wide range of expressive designs and wearable art pieces for tattoo lovers everywhere.

Redefining Urban Streetwear: The Sullen Approach

urban streetwear t-shirt design from Sullen Clothing

Sullen takes a unique approach to creating tattoo apparel that goes beyond just printing tattoo-inspired designs on a piece of clothing and calling it an urban streetwear t-shirt design. Each step of our manufacturing process reflects our love of tattoos and all the work, talent, and creativity that goes into them.

Artistic Expression: The Tattoo-Inspired Designs That Set Sullen Apart

Keeping true to the creative roots of tattooing, Sullen works with real tattoo artists to adapt and create one-of-a-kind designs to be used on our Sullen graphic shirts, hats, boxers, pants, and bags

Our popular Artist Series takes this one step further by allowing you to get your hands on brand-new designs every week so you can support up-and-coming and established artists that have become masters of their craft.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Prioritizing Material and Production Quality

Every one of our Sullen pieces is made using only the best material for the piece. From lightweight, breathable material for our boxers and board shorts to comfortable, durable material for our premium graphic shirts, we do the art justice by ensuring each of our pieces is made to last.

Want to get your hands on a piece of art from Sullen today? Look through our website to browse our online collection now.

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