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Article: Get to Know Niclas Mortensen: A Spotlight on Sullen Clothing’s Badge Day Artist

Get to Know Niclas Mortensen: A Spotlight on Sullen Clothing’s Badge Day Artist

Get to Know Niclas Mortensen: A Spotlight on Sullen Clothing’s Badge Day Artist

Just like tattoo art itself, the talent and inspiration behind tattoo clothing are constantly evolving, driven by the unique perspectives and passions of the tattoo artists who create them. At the heart of Sullen’s ethos lies a dedication to showcasing that work using not only the clothing we sell, but also the space we inhabit as leaders in the tattoo-inspired fashion industry.

Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the world of one such artist, Niclas Mortensen, known by his IG handle: monkeymouthart.

From Graphic Design to Illustration Artist

Niclas’s journey into the realm of illustration and art began young. Fueled by the example and inspiration he found in his elder brother, a gifted artist in his own right, Niclas began exploring his own creative strengths. Of those strengths, drawing became a means of connection and expression, a language Niclas quickly became fluent in.

Pursuing his passion, he obtained a degree in graphic design, but it was illustration that truly captured his heart. With a natural inclination and a knack for bringing his visions to life, Niclas knew he had found his calling.

Today, Niclas’ relationship with Sullen Clothing spans several years, marked by eager collaboration and mutual admiration for tattoo art and its endless versatility. For Niclas, each interaction with Sullen is a delight, a testament to the harmonious blend of his aesthetic sensibilities with our vision.

Exploring Light and Texture: The Inspiration Behind the Badge Day Design

According to Niclas, his design for Sullen’s esteemed Badge Day series is a testament to his fascination with light, texture, and form. The piece exudes a sense of fluidity and depth, inviting viewers into a world where shadows dance and shapes morph under the play of illumination.

It’s a departure from traditional line work, a bold exploration of space and mood that captivates the eye and stirs the imagination. Presenting his creation to Sullen, Niclas found kindred spirits who embraced his vision wholeheartedly. The collaboration was seamless, a meeting of minds that resulted in a Sullen Clothing t-shirt design both parties could be proud of.

Drawing from Darkness: Influences and Inspirations

Niclas’s artistic journey is shaped by various influences, ranging from the occult to fantasy, from heavy metal aesthetics to the darker realms of imagination. His work reflects a fusion of these elements, weaving a tapestry of imagery that resonates with audiences on a visceral level.

With a penchant for experimentation, Niclas explores various styles and techniques, refusing to be confined by the constraints of convention.

A Proud Collaboration: The Meaning Behind the Badge Day Design

Having his design featured in Sullen Clothing’s Badge Day series is a source of immense pride for Niclas, both personally and professionally. It’s a validation of his artistic vision, a testament to the synergy between his creativity and Sullen’s brand identity.

The collaboration represents not just a partnership but a shared passion for artistry and craftsmanship. With only two colors, Niclas has crafted a design that speaks volumes, a testament to his skill and Sullen’s commitment to quality.

A Perfect Match: Niclas Mortensen and Sullen Clothing

In Sullen Clothing, Niclas finds a perfect canvas for his artistry. Our affiliation with the tattoo community aligns seamlessly with Niclas’s aesthetic sensibilities, creating a symbiotic relationship where art flourishes and resonates with audiences worldwide.

As he looks to the future, Niclas is eager to continue collaborating with Sullen, further enriching our offerings with his unique perspective and boundless creativity.

Join the Sullen Community: Embrace Art, Embrace Expression

As we delve into the world of Niclas Mortensen and his collaboration with Sullen Clothing, we invite you to join us in celebrating the power of art and expression. Explore Sullen’s diverse range of tattoo clothing, each piece a canvas for artistic expression and individuality.

Stay tuned for more artist interviews and collaborations, as we continue to spotlight the talented individuals who bring Sullen’s vision to life.

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