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Article: Finding Your Fit: Tips and Tricks for Shopping for Plus-Size Streetwear

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Finding Your Fit: Tips and Tricks for Shopping for Plus-Size Streetwear

When it comes to finding standout streetwear that’s not just baggy jeans and oversized shirts, the struggle can be very real. At times, it can feel like anyone over a specific size just can’t have any sense of individual style or personal expression.

At Sullen, we’ve made it a mission to fight against the dreaded department store nightmare that haunts most bigger guys by creating fun, expressive streetwear accessible to everyone. Whether you’re big and tall, or big and short, this guide to street fashion for big guys is here to make dressing the way you want to easier than ever.

Step One: Figure Out Your Body Type

Sullen Mens standard tattoo graphic Tee

Does it feel like your clothes never sit quite right? Your fit choices may be the reason. One of the most important parts of styling clothes for big men (or any men, really) is understanding your body type.

Most men will fall into one of five different body shapes: oval, diamond, triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond. For each body shape, a different cut and style of clothing will look more put-together.

  • Oval – Opt for a jacket or shirt that cinches your waist and balances your silhouette.
  • Diamond – V-neck shirts that elongate your torso will help your look appear more balanced.
  • Triangle – Combine slim-fit pants with a jacket to even out your frame.
  • Rectangle – Experiment with different textures and layers to add dimension to your shape.

Big and Tall Tips

It’s easy for streetwear to become sloppy if you’re looking for big and tall pieces. Avoid busy patterns and focus on layering to put together the perfect outfit.

Some of our favorite pieces for big and tall guys include:

  • Solid color graphic shirts (like our Solid Premium collection of shirts that go up to size 5x)
  • Camo jackets
  • Joggers
  • Slim-fit jeans

Add our unique tattoo-inspired graphic t-shirts to your collection to bring a sense of individuality, edge, and fun to your everyday streetwear fashion for big guys.

Big and Short Tips

One of the best tips for short and big guys is to find ways to elongate your body using vertical lines. Going for simple patterns or fun designs that bring out your personality and express your style is also a great choice.

Some of our favorite pieces for big and short guys include:

  • V-neck shirts
  • Button-down shirts and flannels
  • Slim-fit pants
  • Solid shirts (also a great choice for layering under a jacket or button-down)

Sullen’s Essentials for Plus Size Men’s Streetwear

plus size mens streetwear

At Sullen, we offer a range of clothes and accessories to elevate streetwear style for big guys. Our signature collection is our wide range of tattoo-artist-inspired and -designed graphic shirts. Whether you’re into the classics like roses and skulls or like the tropical vibes of Chicano and island tattoos, we have a design to put your unique sense of style on display.

We also understand that inclusivity in sizes is important, which is why each of our solid and graphic t-shirts comes in sizes up to 5x and are made with high-quality materials in a comfortable fit. The same thing goes for our warmer flannels and woven button-downs.

Worn over a solid tee, our woven shirts are the perfect choice for a layered look that shows off your fashion sense while complementing your body shape.

For the ultimate addition to your streetwear wardrobe, don’t miss out on our standout Sullen hoodies, complete with the Sullen Art Collective logo in a variety of colors.

Take your street style to the next level with our Sullen tattoo-art-inspired graphic shirts, button-downs, and hoodies. Browse our website to find the perfect piece to complete your fit.

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