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Article: Choosing Your Next Tattoo: Artistic Inspirations

Tattoo art

Choosing Your Next Tattoo: Artistic Inspirations

The decision to get a new tattoo brings with it plenty of excitement, and no doubt a good helping of indecision around the type of artwork you want to choose. With so many new styles of tattoo art gaining popularity, finding a tattoo that resonates with your personality can be a challenge.

At Sullen, we live and breathe tattoos. Our broad collection of tattoo-inspired clothing has exposed us to styles and genres across the spectrum and given us deep insight into what makes a tattoo stand out for all the right reasons.

So if you’re considering some new ink and you’re still not sure what design to spring for, here are our top tips for selecting a tattoo that ticks all your boxes.

The Art of Tattoo Selection

Choosing a new tattoo is an intimate and artistic process. It’s about finding a design that aligns with your personality, beliefs, and what you find beautiful. Whether you want a tattoo with deep symbolic meaning or simply want something you think is fun, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources can help you turn any inspiration into a design that’s completely your own. 

Historical, cultural, and contemporary art are all great places to start your search for aesthetic tattoos that truly speak to you. Alternatively, pop culture references are perfect for bringing some lighthearted fun to your body ink.

  • Historical motifs, like tribal pattern tattoo designs or ancient symbols, can infuse your tattoo with a timeless quality and be a testament to your beliefs or ancestry.
  • Cultural symbols and icons from your heritage can add a layer of personal meaning, connecting you to your roots.
  • Contemporary art movements, from abstract expressionism to minimalism theme tattoo ideas, can offer fresh perspectives for unique and modern tattoo designs.
  • Pop culture icons, whether from comic books, musical performances, or even your favorite book make for unique tattoos that show off your interests and hobbies.

That’s not all. By their nature, tattoos are extremely personal forms of art and self-expression. A list of tattoo designs to keep in mind for your next piece won’t be complete without mentioning the type of artwork that reflects that intimacy.

  • Memorial pieces – When someone close to you passes, a memorial tattoo can be a beautiful way to keep their memory alive with you for the rest of your life, whether it’s their name, a symbolic depiction of what they meant to you, a phrase they often said, or even something they were passionate about.
  • Portraits – Have a loved one you want to keep close? Or perhaps a favorite fictional character? A real life hero you want to honor? Portrait tattoos are a great choice if you want your artwork to stand out among your other pieces. Since so much skill goes into perfecting portrait tattoos, you should ensure the artist you choose has plenty of experience with them beforehand.
  • Personal memories – What better way to keep a personal memory alive than by having it tattooed? These tattoos often range from simple dates or words, to highly symbolic pieces to commemorate big events like a marriage, birth of a child, a professional success, or a travel destination that impacted your life.
  • Artwork – An often overlooked tattoo design is the remaking of iconic artwork. The Statue of Liberty, Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night are all stunning artworks that are popular choices for tattoo designs.

Tattoo Trends and Their Evolution

Tattoo trends are ever-evolving, influenced by cultural shifts and individual expression. Understanding these trends can provide valuable insight when choosing a tattoo design that stands the test of time. From classic motifs like anchors and roses to contemporary styles such as watercolor and geometric patterns, the world of tattoo art is diverse and dynamic.

Not sure whether the tattoo design you’re considering will make the cut in the long term? Why not opt for one of our Sullen tattoo-art graphic tees or accessories featuring a similar design, and take the artwork out for a test drive before you commit?

Preparing for Your Next Tattoo

We’ve all been there. You make the last-minute decision to get inked, show up for your appointment, and suddenly everything seems to go wrong. The key to getting a great tattoo will always be preparation, from carefully researching the artist you book with to taking the time to perfect the design work before you come in for the actual tattooing.

Consider factors such as placement and size, ensuring that your tattoo looks great while also complementing your physique and clothing preferences. Ultimately, your tattoo should feel like a natural extension of your identity.

Sullen Clothing: a Canvas for Tattoo Artists

Sullen tattoo-art graphic tees

We know nothing will ever beat the feeling of getting fresh ink in a design you love, but with so many tattoo designs to choose from, there’s no way we could get them all permanently. That’s one of the reasons why Sullen Clothing is the go-to brand for tattoo lovers and artists alike.

Our designs are a fusion of ink and fabric, and each piece of clothing features artwork produced by real tattoo artists. From our t-shirt cuts that allow you to show off your tattoo sleeves, to boardshorts and headgear that champion the talent that goes into creating great tattoos, our collection is 100% made for, and by, people who love tattoo art.

Shop our collection online and find inspiration for the next addition to your body art.

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