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Article: CHOLOHA

Sunsets Premium Tee


At the intersection of two ideologies integral to SoCal beach culture lies CHOLOHA, Sullen’s ode to tropical summers and Latin street culture. Incorporating ultra-bold colors, edgy tattoo designs, and tropical elements like palm trees and beaches, CHOLOHA is the ultimate summer streetwear collection for any occasion.

The Inspiration

Deadly cocktail premium tee

CHOLOHA is an amalgamation of two globally recognizable design entities—cholo tattoo and lowrider culture and Hawaiian aloha-inspired prints and colors.

CHOLOHA is what happens when you take an aloha shirt and immerse it in the edgy cool world of chicano lowriders. To stay true to its inspiration, every piece of clothing in our CHOLOHA collection incorporates the following elements.

Island Vibes

Evoking feelings of calm relaxation and carefree days on the beach, island vibes form one-half of our CHOLOHA inspiration. From surfboards to storefronts, SoCal has a long history of bringing island-themed art to the masses, and CHOLOHA is no exception.

Honoring the traditional Hawaiian shirt with a graphic tee twist, some of our favorite designs from the collection include vibrant palm trees and tropical flowers. Channel your inner island beach bum with our Pineapple Paradise summer graphic tee that brings an aqua color splash and bold lines to its killer design. Or put a dangerous spin on a tropical classic with our Castaway Island beach graphic tee that features a stormy island motif, pirate skull and forlorn castaway included.

Chicano Lowrider Culture

Castaway island standard Tee

A stalwart of SoCal street culture, Chicano lowriders are the epitome of cool. Classic cars painted in bright colors, low and slow cruisers that capture the attention and imagination wherever they go, and tattooed drivers that have as much edge as they do class are all staple components of life as an American-born cholo. 

Our CHOLOHA collection of men’s summer streetwear pays homage to this culture by incorporating the color palettes and badass lowrider motifs associated with the genre. Think skulls, edgy twists on classic tattoos, and new renditions of the iconic men’s summer tank top perfect for sun-drenched SoCal activities, whether that be surfing, skating, or unwinding at the beach.

Complete your summer streetwear outfit with the Puestas De Sol graphic tee depicting an iguana lounging on a skull surrounded by palm trees and a bottle of beer. Or bring edge to your summer streetwear outfit with our Deadly Cocktail tank that features a showstopping summer cocktail and skull design in the daring aster purple often used for lowrider paint jobs.

The Intersection: Tattoos

Deadly cocktail tank Tee

Nowhere is cholo and island design more intertwined than tattoos. Skulls, beer bottles, palm trees, and sleek cars are all popular motifs used in the world of tattooing, and we’ve taken that amalgamation to a new level with our CHOLOHA collection.

Featuring a pirate skeleton and an electric background, the 47 Volt graphic tee is the perfect example of incorporating tattoo designs into our collection pieces.

How to Style the CHOLOHA Collection

As the ultimate SoCal summer capsule wardrobe, combining CHOLOHA pieces like our graphic shirts, tanks, and boardshorts for men is the best way to style our collection.

Pair your favorite graphic tee with shorts, sandals, and Cholohaflys sunglasses for a cohesive summer outfit, or mix and match more formal pieces with our laidback designs to create an edgy, put-together look.

Check out our full CHOLOHA summer collection to find this season’s staples.

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