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Article: 10 Impressive Back Tattoos

10 Impressive Back Tattoos

10 Impressive Back Tattoos


Being the closest thing to a true canvas, the back is the perfect place to go wild with a giant and creative piece because it's the largest, flattest, and squarest part of the body. Take a look at some of the coolest tattoos we found where these guys have good reasons to show off their art when their shirts are off. 

Gorgeous ripped skin back piece showing a black & grey exoskeleton by Sebastian Zmijewski.

Color large scale tattoo of a fox and its environment by James Tattoo Art.

Luke Sayer did this black & grey realistic back piece. Amazing!

This tattoo by Neo makes the owner look like they are half-reptilian.

Will she eat the apple? Snow White back piece done chicano style. 

Back canvas is big enough for some Star Wars, by Michael Pritchett.

Virgin Mary statue back piece done by Nikko Hurtado. 

Tim McEvoy managed to pull off a Japanese style back tattoo. 

Another sick skin rip tattoo unzipped and giving us a good look at his spine.

Massive lettering tattoo done by Orks fits this guy's back. 

Do you have an awesome back tattoo to share? Leave a pic in the comments below!

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