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Chris Dobson

Uriel Martinez


Uriel is a talented artist based in Warrenville, Illinois, who excels in a variety of artistic disciplines. From freight train graffiti to mural art, painting, calligraphy, and tattooing, Uriel is truly a jack of all trades in the art world.

Freight Train Graffiti

Uriel's expertise in freight train graffiti showcases his unique style and creativity. With intricate designs and vibrant colors, his work stands out among the rest, making a statement in the urban art scene.

Mural Art

As a mural artist, Uriel transforms blank walls into captivating masterpieces. His attention to detail and storytelling through art captivates viewers and adds beauty to the community.


Uriel's painting skills are unparalleled, with each brushstroke reflecting his passion for art. Whether it's a portrait, landscape, or abstract piece, his paintings evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression.


Uriel's calligraphy art showcases his precision and skill in the intricate art of lettering. His elegant and fluid strokes create stunning pieces that are both visually appealing and meaningful.

Tattoo Artistry

As a tattoo artist, Uriel brings his artistic vision to life on the skin of his clients. His attention to detail and ability to translate ideas into ink make his tattoos unique and personal works of art.

Uriel's diverse talents and passion for art make him a standout artist in Warrenville, Illinois. Whether he's leaving his mark on a freight train, a mural, a canvas, or someone's skin, Uriel's artistry shines through in every piece he creates.