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Tom Haubrick


Tom Haubrick, born in Pasadena, CA, discovered his passion for art at a young age. Immersed in the world of comic books, he found inspiration that fueled his creativity. Instead of focusing on high school homework, he dedicated his time to honing his artistic skills.

Introduction to the Tattoo World

In 2002, Tom's journey took a new turn when he was introduced to the tattoo world by his band mates. This introduction led to an apprenticeship in Pasadena that same year. By 2004, Tom and some colleagues decided to venture out on their own and established Nice Guy Tattoo in Arcadia, CA.

Exploration in Painting

With a stable clientele at the tattoo shop, Tom found time to explore his passion for painting. Drawing from his love for comics, turn of the century illustration, and surrealism, Tom developed a unique style that captivated audiences. His artwork now graces galleries across the country, showcasing his talent and creativity.

Discover Tom Haubrick's Work

To experience Tom Haubrick's artistry firsthand, visit his website here. Explore the world of a talented artist whose journey from a young comic book enthusiast to a renowned painter is truly inspiring.