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Chris Dobson

Sergio Martinez


Sergio Martinez has been honing his craft as a tattoo artist for over a decade, right off the bat specializing in the intricate art of lettering. His journey into the world of tattoos was sparked by his passion for drawing, which led him to experiment with different techniques and styles. 

How does Sergio approach his lettering work?

From the beginning of his career, Sergio focused on perfecting his skills in lettering, exploring different styles while staying true to his passion. Today, lettering remains his primary focus, and he finds immense joy in bringing his unique touch to each piece.

Where does Sergio draw inspiration from?

Sergio Martinez finds inspiration in a variety of sources, including other tattoo artists, creative pieces, graffiti, murals, and clothing brands. His artistic aesthetic is heavily influenced by genres like black metal, death metal, punk, and hip hop, adding a dark, gritty, and organic touch to his work.

Through his dedication to the art of tattoo lettering and his commitment to pushing boundaries, Sergio Martinez continues to create stunning and unique pieces that very clearly showcase his passion for the craft.

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