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Chris Dobson

Juan David Rendón


Juan David Rendón, also known as Mention, is a talented tattoo artist hailing from Manizales, Colombia. Specializing in color, neo traditional, and new school tattoos, Mention has garnered a reputation for his unique and vibrant designs.

The Art of Tattoo Composition

One of the key aspects of Mention's work is his attention to tattoo composition. By carefully considering the placement, size, and color of each element, he is able to create visually stunning and cohesive pieces that flow seamlessly on the skin.

When it comes to design, Mention is a master of his craft. He incorporates intricate details, bold lines, and dynamic shading to bring his creations to life. His use of vibrant colors and creative concepts sets him apart in the world of tattoo artistry.

Development Process

Through his Instagram account, Mention provides a glimpse into his creative process. From initial sketches to final touches, he shares the evolution of his designs, offering valuable insights into the world of tattoo development.

Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast or simply appreciate the artistry behind this unique form of expression, Juan David Rendón, aka Mention, is an artist worth following. His dedication to his craft, innovative techniques, and passion for tattoo art make him a standout in the industry.

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