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Chris Dobson

Jamie Kerr


Jamie Kerr, a talented tattoo artist based in the south of the UK. Formerly a professional mural and airbrush artist, Jamie made the leap to tattooing in 2015. After years of being inspired by the custom airbrush Lowrider art from California, it was only natural that Jamie would bring this style to his tattooing. His love for Mexican American culture, realism, and religious art is evident in his work.

One of Jamie's professional highlights was tattooing at the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena Los Angeles, where he had the opportunity to showcase his skills alongside some of the world's best artists. Currently, Jamie works at Hideout Tattoo in Bournemouth, where the focus is on quality custom work in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

If you're looking for a tattoo artist with a unique style and a passion for blending different artistic influences, Jamie Kerr is the artist to watch.

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