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Chris Dobson

Jack Rudy


After leaving the Marines in 1975, Jack Rudy embarked on a new journey as an apprentice at Goodtime Charlie’s in East Los Angeles, under the mentorship of Charlie Cartwright. Rudy quickly made a name for himself with his unique use of light and dark shades of black and grey, revolutionizing the tattooing industry with a softer and more realistic style.

As the demand for Rudy's signature style grew among the client base in East Los Angeles, he and Charlie decided to innovate further by creating a single-needle configured tattoo machine. This machine allowed them to achieve the intricate details and fine lines that defined the 'penitentiary-style' tattoos that were becoming increasingly popular.

Today, Rudy is not only a renowned tattoo artist but also the president of the Beatnik's Car Club. This exclusive club is known for its requirement that members own 50s-styled hot rods and sport 'lots of tattoos. Rudy's passion for classic cars and tattoos has seamlessly blended in this unique community of like-minded individuals.

As the owner of Tattooland, an 'old school' street shop located in Anaheim, California, Rudy continues to uphold the traditions of tattooing while pushing the boundaries of creativity. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to preserving the art of tattooing have solidified his reputation as a true pioneer in the industry.


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