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Chris Dobson



Born in the suburbs of Lisbon in 1990, the allure of urban culture seized the imagination of a young 12-year-old boy named Guizo. This Portuguese sensation fast began his ascent in the world of art, drawing his muses from a myriad of sources, including renowned calligraphers, designers, illustrators, and graffiti writers. He tattoos out of his own shop Dilúvio Lisbon Tattoo Studio.

Unveiling the Artistry of Guizo

Guizo's artistry is a unique fusion of his personal experiences and individuals who've had the privilege to meet him along the journey. His work is a living testament to his past and present, with each canvas echoing the stories of the people and places that have touched his soul.

The fascinating element about Guizo's artwork is the striking balance he strikes between the old and the new. On one hand, he reveres the historical value of classical calligraphy, with its demanding precision and strict aesthetic. On the other, he appreciates the free-form, less formal traits of graffiti art.


His genius lies in reinventing these traditional models by infusing them with his unique identity and the influences of these two distinct epochs. Regardless of the medium — be it human skin, murals, or frames— Guizo seamlessly blends techniques from different platforms. With all the elements of his creations aligning with one common factor: "Letters".

This is the world of Guizo, an artist who honors the past, lives in the present, and paints for the future. His juxtaposition of classical and contemporary is a testament to his unique talent and a tribute to the timeless value of ‘letters’ in our lives.