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Chris Dobson

Gianluca Biasini


Gianluca Biasini, a talented tattoo artist based in Rome, Italy, has been honing his craft since 2011. He is the proud owner of the renowned Metropolis shop tattoo and barber, where he showcases his exceptional skills and unique style.

Biasini is known for his distinctive approach to traditional American and Japanese tattooing, infused with his own creative twist. His work stands out for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and meticulous attention to detail.

A Creative Vision

With years of experience under his belt, Biasini has established himself as a master of his craft. His portfolio showcases a diverse range of styles, from bold and graphic American traditional tattoos to delicate and intricate Japanese motifs.

His clients praise him for his professionalism, creativity, and ability to bring their tattoo ideas to life. Biasini's dedication to his art and commitment to excellence have earned him a loyal following and a stellar reputation in the tattoo community.

Whether you're looking to get your first tattoo or add to your existing collection, Gianluca Biasini is the artist to trust. His passion for tattooing shines through in every piece he creates, making each tattoo a true work of art.

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