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Chris Dobson

Fidel G Almodovar


Fidel is a talented tattoo artist based in Columbus, Ohio, working out of Real Tree Tattoo. His unique art style is characterized by dark and black-and-white designs, often featuring portraits, wolves, women, and reapers. Let's delve into the world of this enigmatic artist and explore his captivating work.

The Artistic Style of Fidel

Fidel's art style is known for its dark and mysterious aesthetic. His use of black and white creates a striking contrast that adds depth and intensity to his designs. Whether he is creating a portrait, a wolf, a woman, or a reaper, Fidel's attention to detail and precision shine through in every piece.

The Intriguing Themes in Fidel's Work

Portraits are a common theme in Fidel's portfolio, showcasing his ability to capture the essence and emotion of his subjects. Wolves symbolize strength, loyalty, and independence, while women often represent beauty, power, and resilience. Reapers, with their ominous presence, add a touch of darkness and mystery to Fidel's repertoire.

Each tattoo created by Fidel tells a story, evoking a range of emotions and interpretations. His artistry goes beyond mere ink on skin; it is a form of self-expression and a reflection of his unique perspective on life and art.

The Impact of Fidel's Work

Whether you are drawn to the darkness and mystery of Fidel's art or simply admire his skill and creativity, one thing is certain – his work leaves a lasting impression. Visit Real Tree Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio, to experience the magic of Fidel's tattoos for yourself.

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