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Chris Dobson




Discover France's Premier Tattoo Artist, Feel

Renowned French tattoo artist, Feel, has been setting unparalleled standards in the tattoo industry since 2007. Operating out of Toulouse, the vibrant heart of southern France, Feel infuses his creations with a rich blend of kustom culture, the iconic US west coast flair, and the deeply rooted traditions of chicano style artistry. With a profound specialization in freehand lettering, Feel epitomizes the pinnacle of excellence and an unwavering commitment to the tattooing art form.


International Recognition and Prestigious Awards

Feel's extraordinary talent continues to command the global stage at prestigious tattoo conventions. His groundbreaking work has not only been exhibited but has also garnered acclaim across continents, from the illustrious New York Empire State Tattoo Expo to the esteemed Ink and Iron Long Beach festival. Celebrated as the 1st place lettering winner at Musink Los Angeles in 2017, Feel's artistic genius continues to shine brightly. His exceptional skills have also been celebrated with top honors at leading conventions, including the London Tattoo Convention, Milano Tattoo Convention, and Le Mondial Du Tatouage Paris, where he clinched the second-place trophy for best of Friday in 2019.


Peau Bleue Tattoo Butter: A Blend of Quality and Care

In addition to his impressive tattooing prowess, Feel extends his passion into nurturing skin with his French-made tattoo aftercare brand, Peau Bleue Tattoo Butter. This venture underlines Feel's holistic approach to tattoo artistry, emphasizing not only the aesthetic appeal but also the health and recovery of the skin post-tattoo.

Feel's remarkable journey in the tattoo industry is a vivid illustration of his boundless passion and innovative spirit. By consistently pushing artistic and traditional boundaries, Feel cements his status as a trailblazer in the world of tattooing, crafting masterpieces that resonate with clients and enthusiasts alike.

Visit Feel in Toulouse, France, to experience a distinctive tattooing style that celebrates uniqueness and precision, leaving a lasting impression with each inked masterpiece.