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Chris Dobson

Evgeniy Chitaev


Evgeniy Chitaev is a Russian tattoo artist known for his incredibly detailed and realistic tattoos with slight new school/comic flair. His shading technique is immaculate, setting him apart from other artists in the industry.

Chitaev is a traveling artist who primarily works at conventions around the world. This allows him to showcase his talent to a diverse audience and connect with clients who appreciate his unique style.


He is proudly sponsored by Allegory Ink and Pepax Official, two reputable companies in the tattoo industry. These sponsorships not only validate his skill and expertise but also provide him with the resources to continue creating stunning pieces of art.

Seminars for Artists

In addition to his tattoo work, Chitaev also hosts seminars for fellow artists looking to improve their skills. These educational sessions provide valuable insights into his techniques, helping aspiring tattoo artists refine their craft.

Evgenii Chitaev's dedication to his art and commitment to sharing his knowledge with others make him a respected figure in the tattoo community. His unique style and attention to detail continue to inspire both clients and fellow artists alike.

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