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Chris Dobson

Evan Eller


Evan Eller is a highly skilled tattoo artist specializing in mostly black and grey realism with a dark twisted style. His work is known for its intricate details and realistic shading, creating stunning pieces of art on the skin. Currently, Evan works at Harbor Lights Social Club in Aurora, CO, where he continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry.

The Art of Black and Grey Realism

Black and grey realism is a tattoo style that focuses on creating lifelike images using only black ink and varying shades of grey. This style requires a high level of technical skill and attention to detail to achieve the desired realistic effect. Evan Eller excels in this style, bringing his unique twist to each piece he creates.

Evan Eller's dark twisted style adds a unique and edgy element to his black and grey realism tattoos. His designs often feature macabre themes, intricate patterns, and a sense of darkness that sets his work apart from traditional realism tattoos. This style appeals to those looking for something bold, unconventional, and thought-provoking.

Harbor Lights Social Club

Located in Aurora, CO, Harbor Lights Social Club is a premier tattoo studio known for its talented artists and welcoming atmosphere. Evan Eller's presence at the studio adds to its reputation as a hub for innovative and cutting-edge tattoo art. Clients seeking a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience can trust Evan to bring their vision to life with his exceptional skills.

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