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Chris Dobson

Dominik Schulte


Dominik Schulte, a talented artist based in Bielefeld, Germany, made a significant shift in his artistic career when he transitioned from creating graffiti to mastering the art of tattooing in 2016. His unique style and passion for tattoo art have garnered him recognition in the industry.

Discovering a New Passion

After gaining recognition for his graffiti work, Dominik Schulte decided to explore a new medium for his artistry. In 2016, he discovered his passion for tattooing and began honing his skills in this intricate art form. His transition from graffiti to tattoo art marked a new chapter in his artistic journey.

Dominik Schulte's tattoo art is characterized by clear-cut lines and intense colors that create a visually striking impact. His style is timeless, drawing inspiration from neotraditional references while incorporating a saturated look that sets his work apart. Each tattoo he creates reflects his dedication to precision and artistry.

Current Work

Currently, Dominik Schulte practices his craft at Halunken Tattoo in Bielefeld, Germany. His studio provides a creative space for him to bring his artistic vision to life and collaborate with clients to create unique and meaningful tattoo designs. Through his work, he continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry and inspire others in the industry.