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Chris Dobson

DJ Agarta


DJ Agarta has dedicated over 10 years to perfecting their craft in the tattoo industry. Throughout this time, they have achieved significant milestones, including the opening of their own studio in St. Petersburg and the opportunity to travel across Europe. Their expertise has led them to participate in prestigious tattoo conventions and work in a renowned tattoo studio in Germany.

Continuous Skill Improvement

Over the years, DJ Agarta has consistently focused on honing their skills and pushing the boundaries of their artistic abilities. This dedication to improvement has allowed them to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving tattoo industry.

Collaboration with Sullen Art Collective

Since 2015, DJ Agarta has been a valued member of the Sullen Art Collective, the largest tattoo community in the United States. Through this collaboration, they have had the opportunity to release multiple collections of clothing and accessories featuring their unique designs. Sullen Art Collective even launched a line of personalized sketching pencils inspired by DJ Agarta's work.

Through their partnership with Sullen Art Collective, DJ Agarta has been able to reach a wider audience and showcase their talent on a global scale.