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Chris Dobson



Tattoo Artist Dillinger, located in Ventura, California, has always aspired to be one of the greatest artists in the craft of tattooing. He firmly believes self-expression through tattoos is a powerful form of art that allows individuals to showcase their unique stories, beliefs, and visions on their skin. It serves as a permanent reminder of one's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Why does Dillinger specialize in Chicano black and gray?

Dillinger's specialization is a reflection of his passion for Chicano art and lifestyle. This style allows him to blend his personal experiences and cultural influences with the individual narratives of his clients, creating a harmonious fusion of art and self-expression.

What drew Dillinger to the path of becoming a tattoo artist?

From a young age, Dillinger felt a deep connection to the art of tattooing. The intricate process of transforming a blank canvas into a meaningful piece of art resonated with him on a profound level. The path of an artist chose him as much as he chose it, leading him on a 15-year journey of creativity and self-discovery.

Being a tattoo artist is not just a profession for Dillinger, but a way of life. It is a constant exploration of art, culture, and personal expression that continues to inspire him every day. Through his work, Dillinger strives to leave a lasting impact on his clients, helping them tell their stories and embrace their true selves through the art of tattooing.


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