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Chris Dobson

Aaron Diaz


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, expert tattoo artist Aaron Diaz has been immersed in the tattoo industry since 2012. Currently working out of Old Larimer Street Tattoo, Diaz has focused on lettering for the past 6 years, he brings a unique perspective to the art of tattooing. Heavily influenced by Chicano art, he has always had a passion for the art of lettering. Seeing letters as more than just words, he views them as pieces of art that can stand on their own.

What sets his work apart?

Specializing in Fraktur Calligraphy and abstract calligraphy, Diaz's work stands out for its intricate and unique style. Clients seek him out for his expertise in calligraphy, a skill he honed through self-teaching and dedication.

Where has his work taken him?

Having traveled all over the country to tattoo his lettering, Aaron Diaz has also collaborated with the renowned clothing company Sullen Art Collective. His work has gained recognition for its creativity and attention to detail. His dedication to his craft and unique style make him a very sought-after artist in the industry.

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