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Chris Dobson

David Garcia


A frequent collaborator at Sullen, David Garcia is a renowned tattoo artist and digital painter based at Tattoo Art Gallery in Tenerife, Spain. Specializing in both color and black & grey realism, David's work is heavily influenced by chicano art, creating a unique blend of styles that sets him apart in the industry.

The Art of Realism

David's art is known for its incredible detail, which enhances the realistic accuracy of each project he undertakes. Whether it's a vibrant color piece or a subtle black & grey design, David's attention to detail is unparalleled, making each tattoo a true work of art.

A Collaborative Process

David and his team approach each project as a "work in progress," working together over a period of time to ensure that every detail is perfect. This collaborative process allows for a unique end result that exceeds the client's expectations.

With David Garcia's expertise and dedication to his craft, it's no wonder he is considered a master of realism tattoo art. His work continues to inspire and amaze both clients and fellow artists alike.

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