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Dave Olteanu


Before Dave Olteanu found his passion for tattooing, he was a teenage pro skater, gliding through the streets with ease and style. It wasn't until a friend of his got a new tattoo that something clicked for him. The intricate designs and the artistry involved in tattooing fascinated him, leading him down a new path.

Transition to Tattooing

With his background in skateboarding, Dave brought a unique perspective to the world of tattoo artistry. His understanding of movement, balance, and precision translated seamlessly into his tattoo designs. Dave's attention to detail and dedication to his craft quickly set him apart in the industry.

Passion for Oil Painting

Aside from tattooing, Dave Olteanu also has a major passion for oil painting, particularly focusing on portraits. His love for capturing the essence of a person's character through art shines through in his paintings. The same level of dedication and skill that he applies to tattooing is evident in his oil paintings.

Current Work at Genbu Tattoo

Currently, Dave Olteanu works at Genbu Tattoo in East Gosford, Australia. His unique style and artistic vision have made him a sought-after tattoo artist in the area. Clients appreciate his attention to detail, creativity, and ability to bring their ideas to life through his art.

With a background in skateboarding, a passion for oil painting, and a thriving career as a tattoo artist, Dave Olteanu is a man of many talents. His journey from pro skater to tattoo artist is a testament to following your passions and embracing new opportunities.



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