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Chris Dobson

Dan Jones


Hailing from Brighton but with a record of tattooing all over the world, Dan Jones is a renowned expert in the art of illustrative and Japanese tattooing. With years of experience under his belt, Dan has established himself as a go-to artist for those seeking unique and intricate tattoo designs.

Global Experience

Having tattooed all over the world, Dan Jones has been exposed to a wide range of tattooing styles and techniques. This global experience has enriched his artistic vision and allowed him to incorporate diverse influences into his work. Whether it's traditional Japanese motifs or modern illustrative designs, Dan's portfolio reflects his versatility and creativity.

Personalized Approach

While Dan specializes in large scale pieces, he is always happy to take on smaller projects as well. He understands that each tattoo is a personal expression of the individual wearing it, and he takes the time to listen to his clients' ideas and preferences. Dan's personalized approach ensures that every tattoo he creates is a unique and meaningful work of art.

In conclusion, Dan Jones is not just a tattoo artist; he is a master of his craft. His expertise in illustrative and Japanese tattooing, combined with his global experience and attention to detail, make him a sought-after artist in the tattooing community. Whether you're looking for a large scale masterpiece or a smaller, more personal design, Dan Jones is the artist to trust with your vision.

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