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Chris Dobson

Dan Hancock


Dan Hancock, a renowned Black & Grey tattoo artist hailing from Manchester, has made a name for himself in the industry. As the proud owner of This Mortal Coil Tattoo studio, Dan's passion for creating original custom designs shines through in his work.

Unique Style and Inspiration

With a focus on incorporating imagery from myths and legends, Dan's artwork stands out for its creativity and depth. He often uses a face as a focal point, adding a personal touch to each piece. His unique style has garnered him multiple awards and recognition in the tattoo community.

Community Impact

Beyond his artistic talents, Dan is also actively involved in the tattoo community, sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring artists. His contributions to the industry have helped shape the next generation of tattoo professionals.

Overall, Dan Hancock's passion for tattooing, combined with his unique style and commitment to excellence, sets him apart as a true artist in the world of Black & Grey tattoos.

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