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Chris Dobson

Cory Norris


Cory Norris is a highly skilled tattoo artist based out of Dark Water Collective in Nevada City. This private studio is shared with two other talented tattoo artists, creating a collaborative and creative environment for their work. Cory's expertise lies in a wide variety of tattoo styles, including black and grey realism, color realism, and traditional Japanese designs.

The Art of Black and Grey Realism

Black and grey realism is a popular tattoo style that focuses on creating lifelike images using only black ink and shading techniques. Cory Norris excels in this style, bringing his subjects to life with intricate details and realistic textures. His mastery of light and shadow allows him to create depth and dimension in his tattoos, making them truly stand out.

Vibrant Color Realism

Color realism is another specialty of Cory's, where he uses a wide range of vibrant hues to bring his tattoos to life. His attention to detail and color blending techniques result in stunning, realistic tattoos that pop with color. Whether it's a portrait, animal, or floral design, Cory's color realism tattoos are sure to turn heads.

The Timeless Appeal of Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Traditional Japanese tattoos, also known as irezumi, have a rich history and symbolic meaning. Cory Norris pays homage to this traditional style with his own unique twist, incorporating classic Japanese motifs with his artistic flair. From fierce dragons to elegant koi fish, Cory's traditional Japanese tattoos are a blend of cultural heritage and modern artistry.

With his diverse skill set and years of experience, Cory Norris continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry at Dark Water Collective. His passion for the craft shines through in every piece he creates, making him a sought-after tattoo artist in Nevada City and beyond.

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