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Chris Dobson

Christos Serafeim


Christos, born and raised in Athens, Greece, has always had a passion for art. From a young age, drawing was a natural talent that he cultivated over the years. As a teenager, his artistic style was heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore music scene, leading him to explore the world of tattoos.

Christos found a deep appreciation for traditional Japanese tattoo art, drawn to its intricate designs and rich cultural history. This fascination with the art form fueled his desire to pursue a career in tattooing.

Education and Professional Growth

After completing his studies in architecture, Christos embarked on a tattoo apprenticeship in 2008. This marked the beginning of his journey into the world of tattoo artistry. In 2014, he made the bold decision to move to Brighton, UK, where he currently resides and practices his craft at 1770 Tattoo. Additionally, he serves as a resident tattoo artist at Seven Doors tattoo in London, further expanding his reach and influence in the industry.

Christos's dedication to his craft and unique artistic vision have earned him a reputation as a talented and sought-after tattoo artist. His work reflects a blend of traditional Japanese elements with his own distinctive style, creating pieces that are both visually striking and deeply meaningful to clients.

Through years of hard work, passion, and dedication, Christos has established himself as a respected figure in the tattoo community. His journey from Athens to Brighton is a testament to her artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to the craft.


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