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Cesare Tassani


Casare Tessani is a renowned tattoo artist known for his versatility and skill in various tattoo styles. Working out of Well Done Tattoo in Roma, Italy, he has established himself as a jack of all trades in the tattooing world.

Mastering Traditional, Realism, and Fine Line Tattoos

One of the remarkable aspects of Casare Tessani's work is his ability to excel in different tattoo styles. Whether it's traditional tattoos with bold lines and vibrant colors, hyper-realistic portraits in the realism style, or intricate designs in fine line work, Casare Tessani showcases his talent and expertise in each piece he creates.

A Reputation for Excellence

With a keen eye for detail and a steady hand, Casare Tessani has garnered a reputation for excellence in the tattoo industry. His dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering top-notch work have earned him a loyal following of clients who trust him to bring their tattoo ideas to life.

Whether you're looking to get a classic traditional tattoo, a realistic portrait, or a delicate fine line design, Casare Tessani is the artist to turn to. His passion for tattooing shines through in every piece he creates, making each tattoo a true work of art.

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