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Carlos Rojas


Carlos Rojas, a talented tattoo artist based in Apple Valley, Ca, is known for his exceptional work in both color and black and grey realism. His passion for art dates back to his childhood, where he would recreate images from low rider art magazines.

The Art of Realism Tattooing

Carlos Rojas is highly skilled in both color and black and grey realism tattooing. According to him, the choice between color and black and grey depends on the piece itself. Some designs come to life in vibrant colors, while others shine in the subtlety of black and grey.

While Carlos admits to feeling more comfortable with black and grey tattoos initially, he is always up for a challenge. If he believes a design can be enhanced with color, he will push himself to explore that avenue.

Pushing Boundaries in Tattoo Art

Carlos Rojas's dedication to his craft and willingness to step out of his comfort zone have earned him a reputation as a versatile and innovative tattoo artist. His ability to bring realism to life on skin sets him apart in the industry.

Whether it's a striking color portrait or a subtle black and grey masterpiece, Carlos Rojas approaches each tattoo with precision and creativity. His passion for pushing boundaries and creating unique pieces shines through in every tattoo he creates.

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