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Chris Dobson

Brandon Albus


Brandon Albus, the talented artist behind Sinners Tattoo studio, has been making waves in the tattoo industry for over a decade. With multiple publications under his belt and a reputation for stunning black and gray work, Brandon is a true master of his craft.

Mastering Realism and Color Fusion

One of Brandon's signature styles is his ability to seamlessly blend realism with vibrant colors. His tattoos come to life on the skin, with intricate details and shading that create a sense of depth and dimension.

Brandon's unique artistic vision often involves morphing beautiful women's faces into animals. This fusion of the human form with the animal kingdom results in captivating and surreal tattoos that leave a lasting impression.

The Sinners Tattoo Expo

As the owner of Sinners Tattoo studio, Brandon also hosts one of the most highly anticipated tattoo conventions in Dallas - the Sinners Tattoo Expo. This annual event brings together some of the most talented artists in the industry and showcases the latest trends and techniques in tattooing.

With his dedication to pushing the boundaries of tattoo artistry and his commitment to excellence, Brandon Albus continues to inspire and amaze both his clients and fellow artists alike. Keep an eye on this award-winning artist as he continues to evolve and innovate in the world of tattooing.

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